Ellott Turns 1 :: Edwardsville, IL Family Photographer

I know it’s a cliche and everyone tells you this (especially when your pregnant with your first)…but time flies! One minute you are pregnant and the next you are picking out a first birthday cake. I remember when Ashley told me that her and Ben were expanding their family by one. It seems like it wasn’t all that long ago and now it’s almost time for Elliott’s first birthday! That year really did go fast! Meet the very handsome Elliott…

Kate Newman Photography_0033.jpg

I just love the face he is making…he’s cracking himself up! He was such a joy, smiling and laughing throughout our session (well until the very end at least…)

Kate Newman Photography_0034.jpg
Kate Newman Photography_0035.jpg

We also managed to get a few fun family photos in during his session. Is this not the cutest family you have ever seen!

Kate Newman Photography_0036.jpg
Kate Newman Photography_0038.jpg
Kate Newman Photography_0039.jpg
Kate Newman Photography_0040.jpg
Kate Newman Photography_0041.jpg

This next photo cracks me up. He is so serious! I wonder what he was thinking…likely something along the lines of “when is this lady going to leave me alone!”:)

Kate Newman Photography_0043.jpg

Such a big boy!

Kate Newman Photography_0044.jpg
Kate Newman Photography_0042.jpg

We ended Elloitt’s session with a cake smash and it was the best reaction to a cake smash I’d ever seen. Ashley and Ben warned me before we started that Elliott doesn’t like his fingers to be sticky, but that he has a big sweet tooth. So we weren’t sure what kind of reaction we would get…as soon as Ben set him down he dug in, immediately paused and did this…

Kate Newman Photography_0047.jpg

He was not happy about that cake, but then as soon as he tasted it…he couldn’t stop shoveling it in. Then he’d pause, realize his fingers were covered and cry a little…before resuming to shovel more cake in his mouth. Such a sweetie! And don’t worry, I only took a handful of crying photos before we cleaned him up.

Kate Newman Photography_0046.jpg
Kate Newman Photography_0048.jpg
Kate Newman Photography_0045.jpg

Ashley & Ben – Thank you for letting me photograph such a special time for your family. Elliott is amazing. He is so much fun and such a handsome little charmer! I can’t wait to see pictures from his Birthday party, I’m sure it’s going to be amazing & we’ll see if he likes the second cake smash better:)Your flashdrive of images is in the mail and on it’s way to you!

I’m going to end with one of my favorite photos from the day! Love how this family loves each other.

Kate Newman Photography_0037.jpg

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Meet Mason :: St. Louis Metro Newborn Photographer

I have a very sweet, very handsome, oh-so-adorable baby for you today. Not only is he so handsome that I just want to pick him up and love on him, he is the sweetest tempered baby I have EVER photographed. Seriously. He wasn’t very sleepy during his session but he was so calm. He is simply perfection. Meet Mason…Kate Newman Photography_0017.jpgKate Newman Photography_0020.jpg

See, I told you! Perfection. And look at that hair! I’m pretty sure my bald 9 month old is jealous (but really, aren’t we all!)Kate Newman Photography_0018.jpgKate Newman Photography_0019.jpg

Baby toes are just the best! So tiny. I could photograph sweet baby feet all day…although that might be a little strange, right?Kate Newman Photography_0021.jpg

These photos were actually taken on Mother’s Day. And as luck would have it, Jessica’s Mom was in town visiting. Seemed like the perfect opportunity to get a photo of the 3 of them. And of course, we couldn’t leave out the VERY proud big brother!! I love the next two of the boys:)

Kate Newman Photography_0023.jpgKate Newman Photography_0024.jpg

You know what else I love to photograph (besides baby toes) … Dad’s with their newborns. It’s so sweet to watch a Dad snuggle on his baby. It makes them look extra tiny!Kate Newman Photography_0022.jpgKate Newman Photography_0025.jpgKate Newman Photography_0030.jpgKate Newman Photography_0026.jpgKate Newman Photography_0027.jpg

I know you can’t see the whole room in these photos, but you’ll have to trust me when I say that Mason’s nursery is the BEST nursery I’ve seen. Look at these great sheets!Kate Newman Photography_0028.jpgKate Newman Photography_0029.jpg

I’m not sure how to pick a favorite among these! But if I had to, I’d say the next one wins for me.  Jessica, you were meant to be a Mama. So much love between you two!Kate Newman Photography_0031.jpg

And we will end with Jessica’s only request for the session…everyone in bed snuggling. Check and Mark!Kate Newman Photography_0032.jpg

Jessica & Andrew, Thanks for letting me come over to snuggle & love on your newest little man (ok, ok and photograph him too!). He’s amazing! I hope you love the photos & I can’t wait to photograph you again soon!

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Rylie :: 6 Months Old

Oh just wait until you see the sweet face I have for you today. Rylie turned 6 months (a month ago) and we met up to take a few photos to celebrate the occasion. As usual, this sweet girl was all smiles.Kate Newman Photography_0007.jpgKate Newman Photography_0009.jpgI just love these next two of her checking out the grass:)We decided to take these photos just outside Brent and Amy’s house. They had just sold it & would be moving out within the next few weeks. It seemed like the perfect place to take photos to celebrate Rylie’s first home! Plus their home was surrounded by beautiful woods, tall grass and great afternoon sun there…so WIN-WIN!Kate Newman Photography_0008.jpgKate Newman Photography_0010.jpgA quick outfit change and we were ready to capture some beautiful family momentsKate Newman Photography_0012.jpgKate Newman Photography_0013.jpgKate Newman Photography_0011.jpgCan all of the last three be my favorite? I’m a sucker for black and white photos, what can I say! When I posted this as a sneak preview on my facebook page, I told Amy I wanted it on a canvas for my walls! Seriously, when you two are done building your dream home, please make this very large and hang it up!:)Kate Newman Photography_0014.jpgWe ended with just a few photos of Rylie in her first room. I know you can’t see much of the room here, but I so love these photos and I hope that they will remind Amy & Brent of bringing their baby home to her for the first time.Kate Newman Photography_0015.jpgKate Newman Photography_0016.jpgAmy & Brent, thanks for letting me take photos of your family. Rylie is so amazing & I couldn’t be happier that Nora will have such a great friend to grow up with. You are like family to me & I hope you love these photos as much as I do!

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The Hicks Family :: Highland, IL Family Photographer

A few weeks ago I met up with Melanie and her kiddos to take a few quick photos…and boy did we get a few keepers:)Ryan gifted the session to Melanie as a Mother’s Day gift. I can’t imagine anything more perfect. We were even able to get Dad to jump in a few for some fun family shots!

Let’s start with a fun series…I love this series of each kid with Mom by themselves. Imagine how much these photos will mean to them someday!

Kate Newman Photography_0000.jpg

Kate Newman Photography_0003.jpg

These boys LOVE their little sister. You can tell that they are already great, protective big brothers. I asked them all to hug someone and instinctively they both reached for their sister. LOVE it!

Kate Newman Photography_0002.jpg

Ok, so these boys like each other a whole lot too:)

Kate Newman Photography_0004.jpg

Kate Newman Photography_0001.jpg

Kate Newman Photography_0006.jpg

Kate Newman Photography_0005.jpg

Mel, thank you for letting me photograph your family (and Ryan, thanks for giving your wife such a great Mother’s Day gift!) I loved photographing those kids, they are so sweet, loving and FUN! Your family is amazing and I hope I was able to capture at least a glimpse of that!

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Mother’s Day Mini Sessions

It’s been far too long. I know. I’m sorry. I’m still learning how to balance this motherhood act with the rest of my life. Nearly 8 months in and I am finally starting to hit a stride.  Being a Mama is hard work.  I knew this before, but now that I’m walking a mile in those Mama-hood shoes (currently covered in spit-up and god knows what else!) I say it with more conviction.

As Mother’s Day approaches this year, I can’t help but to view from a new perspective.  And I want to celebrate it.  So, I decided to celebrate the only way I know how…with photos!

Hey fellow Mamas out there…how many of you don’t have many photos of you with your children.  Sure you have a million and 1 photos of your kids throughout their lives, but are you actually in any of them?  And the ones that do include you, do they also include your arm, you know…because it’s just a cell phone selfie?  Not that there is anything wrong with that….I have a whole gallery of those myself. But every Mother should have photos with her children.  And even more importantly, your children deserve to have those memories captured.

In honor of Mother’s Day, I am offering a Mother’s Day Mini Sessions this year.

The Details: Sessions will be scheduled on Saturday May 2nd, 2014 in Highland, IL.  Sessions cost $75 and will be 20 minutes long.  You will get 5 fully edited digital images with full printing rights. In case of bad weather, make-up sessions will be scheduled May 17th.

I only have a limited number of spots – if you’d like to reserve your spot today (or for additional questions) – email me at: kate@katenewmanphotography.com

I had to end with one of my favorite images of all time…

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