Meet Baby Willa: Newborn Photography

Time for another beautiful newborn to grace the blog…meet baby Willa!

She is a sweetie for sure! And her Mom & Dad seem pretty smitten too!

Sweet girl was alert and awake for a lot of our session so we were able to get lots of wide-eyed photos & a few newborn baby yawns too!

We used some fun props for Willa’s shoot that had sentimental value!! I’m not above photographing a baby in a basket but I usually prefer the photos with Mom and Dad or those that are a bit more natural in nature (just my personal preference) but the big exception to that for me is when the props have meaning. Willa (who’s named after her Great Grandma) was photographed in a suitcase that was owned by her namesake.  I love that! Plus it will be fun to keep photographing her in the same suitcase through her first year:)

And I saved two of my most favorites for last!

Congrats again Lindsey & Jerod! Your sweet girl is beautiful! Can’t wait to watch her grow and change over the next year, thanks for letting me photograph her!

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