Chara & Manjula :: Married

Are you ready for one of the most fun wedding receptions that ever was….well good, because if there were an award for having fun at your reception…these two win!! Chara & Manjula were married in Sri Lanka last December but threw a huge party back in St. Louis this summer to celebrate with all their family and friends that couldn’t travel across the globe to be there for the wedding itself.  They had their reception at Old Hickory Golf Course in St. Charles and it was beautiful! We had great glowy sunset light to take some portraits & you all know how much I LOVE great, glowy sunset light!…I had a very hard time narrowing down my favorite portraits so I’m just sharing a whole lot of them…because I can!

How cute is this couple!!

Seriously..the cute factor is off-the-chart for this couple! And it certainly doesn’t hurt that Chara is gorgeous!



And then right as we were finishing and heading back up to the reception we found the best most dreamy, glowy light! I might have squealed, busted a dance move, shimmied and then jumped up and down. That’s just kinda how I work!

I posted the B&W version of this next photo on facebook the day after the reception & I love it in color too so I figured I’d post that version this time…I know I said I couldn’t choose just one but this is a big-time contender for my favorite from their reception:)

Normally I don’t post reception/dancing photos buuuuuuut this reception was the BEST so I figured I’d show a few of my favorites!! I looove to dance & to crazy dance at that, if fact, normally during a reception you’ll find me dancing while I snap photos. I.Just.Can’t.Help.Myself.  Especially if there is Michael Jackson being played…my feet just move themselves! This wedding was the ultimate dance party! The only thing that kept me from staying all night to boogie down was that I was 30+ weeks pregnant and my feet were having none of that. Chara + Manjula, I hope I can come dance with you guys at another party sometime to make up for it:)

Chara & Manjula, thanks for throwing the best party ever & letting me come to celebrate with you! I wish you two nothing but the best and many, many years of happiness!

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