The Zobrist Family

I should retitle this blog…the most patient family ever!  We met up to take some family photos only a few days before Nora made her early apperance. In fact I had editted a few previews for Jess on Sunday night and sent her an email around midnight that said something like…Here’s a few quick previews! As long as this little girl stays put until her due date in 3 weeks I’ll be sure to get you the rest of the photos before then:)… and then within 6 hours I was in labor. Go figure! So THANK YOU for being so patient while I snuggled my newborn and recovered a bit before getting your photos done.

Now…let’s take a look at the CUTENESS that is the Zobrist family!

So cute right?!?

Trent was turning two and he is all boy! Running, jumping, tractors & dirt! But he really is a sweetie:)

He also LOVES his Dad!

And Tyson was 3 months old when we took these photos. He’s got the most amazing blue eyes and the sweetest smile!

These brothers are so cute together! I can only imagine what secrets Trent was letting his little brother in on….just look at that smirk!

Todd & Jess, Thank you so much not only for being patient with me but also for being such a fun family. I love photographing you guys and watching these boys grow up together is such a priveledge!

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