The Hicks Family :: Highland, IL Family Photographer

A few weeks ago I met up with Melanie and her kiddos to take a few quick photos…and boy did we get a few keepers:)Ryan gifted the session to Melanie as a Mother’s Day gift. I can’t imagine anything more perfect. We were even able to get Dad to jump in a few for some fun family shots!

Let’s start with a fun series…I love this series of each kid with Mom by themselves. Imagine how much these photos will mean to them someday!

Kate Newman Photography_0000.jpg

Kate Newman Photography_0003.jpg

These boys LOVE their little sister. You can tell that they are already great, protective big brothers. I asked them all to hug someone and instinctively they both reached for their sister. LOVE it!

Kate Newman Photography_0002.jpg

Ok, so these boys like each other a whole lot too:)

Kate Newman Photography_0004.jpg

Kate Newman Photography_0001.jpg

Kate Newman Photography_0006.jpg

Kate Newman Photography_0005.jpg

Mel, thank you for letting me photograph your family (and Ryan, thanks for giving your wife such a great Mother’s Day gift!) I loved photographing those kids, they are so sweet, loving and FUN! Your family is amazing and I hope I was able to capture at least a glimpse of that!

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