Rylie :: 6 Months Old

Oh just wait until you see the sweet face I have for you today. Rylie turned 6 months (a month ago) and we met up to take a few photos to celebrate the occasion. As usual, this sweet girl was all smiles.Kate Newman Photography_0007.jpgKate Newman Photography_0009.jpgI just love these next two of her checking out the grass:)We decided to take these photos just outside Brent and Amy’s house. They had just sold it & would be moving out within the next few weeks. It seemed like the perfect place to take photos to celebrate Rylie’s first home! Plus their home was surrounded by beautiful woods, tall grass and great afternoon sun there…so WIN-WIN!Kate Newman Photography_0008.jpgKate Newman Photography_0010.jpgA quick outfit change and we were ready to capture some beautiful family momentsKate Newman Photography_0012.jpgKate Newman Photography_0013.jpgKate Newman Photography_0011.jpgCan all of the last three be my favorite? I’m a sucker for black and white photos, what can I say! When I posted this as a sneak preview on my facebook page, I told Amy I wanted it on a canvas for my walls! Seriously, when you two are done building your dream home, please make this very large and hang it up!:)Kate Newman Photography_0014.jpgWe ended with just a few photos of Rylie in her first room. I know you can’t see much of the room here, but I so love these photos and I hope that they will remind Amy & Brent of bringing their baby home to her for the first time.Kate Newman Photography_0015.jpgKate Newman Photography_0016.jpgAmy & Brent, thanks for letting me take photos of your family. Rylie is so amazing & I couldn’t be happier that Nora will have such a great friend to grow up with. You are like family to me & I hope you love these photos as much as I do!

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