Meet Mason :: St. Louis Metro Newborn Photographer

I have a very sweet, very handsome, oh-so-adorable baby for you today. Not only is he so handsome that I just want to pick him up and love on him, he is the sweetest tempered baby I have EVER photographed. Seriously. He wasn’t very sleepy during his session but he was so calm. He is simply perfection. Meet Mason…Kate Newman Photography_0017.jpgKate Newman Photography_0020.jpg

See, I told you! Perfection. And look at that hair! I’m pretty sure my bald 9 month old is jealous (but really, aren’t we all!)Kate Newman Photography_0018.jpgKate Newman Photography_0019.jpg

Baby toes are just the best! So tiny. I could photograph sweet baby feet all day…although that might be a little strange, right?Kate Newman Photography_0021.jpg

These photos were actually taken on Mother’s Day. And as luck would have it, Jessica’s Mom was in town visiting. Seemed like the perfect opportunity to get a photo of the 3 of them. And of course, we couldn’t leave out the VERY proud big brother!! I love the next two of the boys:)

Kate Newman Photography_0023.jpgKate Newman Photography_0024.jpg

You know what else I love to photograph (besides baby toes) … Dad’s with their newborns. It’s so sweet to watch a Dad snuggle on his baby. It makes them look extra tiny!Kate Newman Photography_0022.jpgKate Newman Photography_0025.jpgKate Newman Photography_0030.jpgKate Newman Photography_0026.jpgKate Newman Photography_0027.jpg

I know you can’t see the whole room in these photos, but you’ll have to trust me when I say that Mason’s nursery is the BEST nursery I’ve seen. Look at these great sheets!Kate Newman Photography_0028.jpgKate Newman Photography_0029.jpg

I’m not sure how to pick a favorite among these! But if I had to, I’d say the next one wins for me.  Jessica, you were meant to be a Mama. So much love between you two!Kate Newman Photography_0031.jpg

And we will end with Jessica’s only request for the session…everyone in bed snuggling. Check and Mark!Kate Newman Photography_0032.jpg

Jessica & Andrew, Thanks for letting me come over to snuggle & love on your newest little man (ok, ok and photograph him too!). He’s amazing! I hope you love the photos & I can’t wait to photograph you again soon!

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