March & April In Instagram

It’s almost the end of May?! Is this year going fast for anyone else or just me! Well let’s step back a bit to review March and April Instagram style


We had lots of doctor’s appointments…because we announced our baby news this month!…baby Newman got her first books…family visit in Bloomington with a few good games of go fish!…Easter visit wasn’t complete without passing on the joy of classic Nintendo!…stupid crazy weather this month (one day lunch on the deck, next morning crazy snow storm)…we found turnips on our property…got our baseball tickets for the season!


Baby Allie was born & we got to meet her in the hospital when she was still tiny and squishy!…Chicago trip + Phil and Lauren’s engagement session…Myleigh’s 3rd Birthday…Coffee date with new photography friends…Key West trip with some much needed relaxation!!

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