Happy 3rd Birthday Myleigh

So I’m about 2 months (and a little) behind in this post. But I one of my most favorite little girls turned the big 3 this year! And while we couldn’t make it to her real party, we were able to stop by the next day for presents & more cake! Not that this sweet toothed little girl minded an extra cake one bit!

Dear Myleigh,

Happy Birthday sweet girl! I can’t believe that you’re already 3. Where has the time gone?


You are such a funny, sweet, fun-loving girl and we love hanging out with you. You crack us up every time we see you and we often find ourselves telling “Myleigh stories” for weeks after our visits. Our favorites include checking inside every plastic Easter egg…”NO CHICKEN”, how much you love animals (even the plastic Halloween rat you found), hopping around and squawking like a parrot, how much you love to play princesses (and how you couldn’t pronounce Pocahontas quite right…we preferred calling her Poca-pomas too!). We love playing Guess Who with you (even if you don’t always answer our questions quite right) and we’re always up for another game of Memory or Candy Land! We love laughing with you funny girl!


You are so fiercely independent but such a lover too. And my goodness are you the smartest 3 year old we’ve ever met! And we’re not just saying that because we’re biased…we really think you’re genius material. You’ve been counting in multiple languages, recognizing numbers & letters, mixing colors, and so many other things for the whole year! We’re always surprised by just how much you truly know!


We can’t wait to see you again soon & watch you keep growing. Every time we see you, you’ve learned a new game, trick, or funny story! We hope you always follow your dreams and wherever your heart leads you. Keep laughing, loving & eating chocolate!


Lots of love,
Aunt Kate & Uncle Joel

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