The Zobrist Family

I should retitle this blog…the most patient family ever!  We met up to take some family photos only a few days before Nora made her early apperance. In fact I had editted a few previews for Jess on Sunday night and sent her an email around midnight that said something like…Here’s a few quick previews! As long as this little girl stays put until her due date in 3 weeks I’ll be sure to get you the rest of the photos before then:)… and then within 6 hours I was in labor. Go figure! So THANK YOU for being so patient while I snuggled my newborn and recovered a bit before getting your photos done.

Now…let’s take a look at the CUTENESS that is the Zobrist family!

So cute right?!?

Trent was turning two and he is all boy! Running, jumping, tractors & dirt! But he really is a sweetie:)

He also LOVES his Dad!

And Tyson was 3 months old when we took these photos. He’s got the most amazing blue eyes and the sweetest smile!

These brothers are so cute together! I can only imagine what secrets Trent was letting his little brother in on….just look at that smirk!

Todd & Jess, Thank you so much not only for being patient with me but also for being such a fun family. I love photographing you guys and watching these boys grow up together is such a priveledge!

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Chara & Manjula :: Married

Are you ready for one of the most fun wedding receptions that ever was….well good, because if there were an award for having fun at your reception…these two win!! Chara & Manjula were married in Sri Lanka last December but threw a huge party back in St. Louis this summer to celebrate with all their family and friends that couldn’t travel across the globe to be there for the wedding itself.  They had their reception at Old Hickory Golf Course in St. Charles and it was beautiful! We had great glowy sunset light to take some portraits & you all know how much I LOVE great, glowy sunset light!…I had a very hard time narrowing down my favorite portraits so I’m just sharing a whole lot of them…because I can!

How cute is this couple!!

Seriously..the cute factor is off-the-chart for this couple! And it certainly doesn’t hurt that Chara is gorgeous!



And then right as we were finishing and heading back up to the reception we found the best most dreamy, glowy light! I might have squealed, busted a dance move, shimmied and then jumped up and down. That’s just kinda how I work!

I posted the B&W version of this next photo on facebook the day after the reception & I love it in color too so I figured I’d post that version this time…I know I said I couldn’t choose just one but this is a big-time contender for my favorite from their reception:)

Normally I don’t post reception/dancing photos buuuuuuut this reception was the BEST so I figured I’d show a few of my favorites!! I looove to dance & to crazy dance at that, if fact, normally during a reception you’ll find me dancing while I snap photos. I.Just.Can’t.Help.Myself.  Especially if there is Michael Jackson being played…my feet just move themselves! This wedding was the ultimate dance party! The only thing that kept me from staying all night to boogie down was that I was 30+ weeks pregnant and my feet were having none of that. Chara + Manjula, I hope I can come dance with you guys at another party sometime to make up for it:)

Chara & Manjula, thanks for throwing the best party ever & letting me come to celebrate with you! I wish you two nothing but the best and many, many years of happiness!

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Meet Baby Willa: Newborn Photography

Time for another beautiful newborn to grace the blog…meet baby Willa!

She is a sweetie for sure! And her Mom & Dad seem pretty smitten too!

Sweet girl was alert and awake for a lot of our session so we were able to get lots of wide-eyed photos & a few newborn baby yawns too!

We used some fun props for Willa’s shoot that had sentimental value!! I’m not above photographing a baby in a basket but I usually prefer the photos with Mom and Dad or those that are a bit more natural in nature (just my personal preference) but the big exception to that for me is when the props have meaning. Willa (who’s named after her Great Grandma) was photographed in a suitcase that was owned by her namesake.  I love that! Plus it will be fun to keep photographing her in the same suitcase through her first year:)

And I saved two of my most favorites for last!

Congrats again Lindsey & Jerod! Your sweet girl is beautiful! Can’t wait to watch her grow and change over the next year, thanks for letting me photograph her!

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Introducing Tyson : Newborn Photography

Meet sweet Tyson! I was able to photograph him when he was just a few days old & what an easy-going, sleepy, sweetheart he was!

I just love little baby toes!

We also were able to get a few shots with big brother Trent.  He was into checking out his little brother…but then was more then happy to go back to playing with his tractors! Ahh brotherly love! Can’t wait to watch these two grow up together!

I like to get a mix of posed photos & lifestyle images but my emphasis in newborn sessions is always on the family. Little glimpses of the love that a new baby brings to a house is my most favorite thing to capture! I love that this family is always happy to jump into the photos! They are always my favorites!

I can understand that most parents don’t love the idea of being photographed especially just a few short days after giving birth, being sleep deprived & in their house that hasn’t been picked up since they got home (or at least I can only imagine that’s how I’m going to feel!) BUT…those snuggling, loving photos are so timeless…and imagine what heirlooms they will be for these boys down the road! Your kids won’t care how your house looked…they are only going to see the love they brought to your family! And besides…my house is almost ALWAYS a disaster so I am a PRO and shooting around piles of laundry & other odds and ends…I get lots of practice at home for that one:)

Ok…stepping off my soapbox now…back to the cuteness!

I just love this sweet little yawn

Welcome to the world Tyson! Can’t wait to watch you grow over the next year:)Todd & Jess – thanks for letting me come in to your home and photograph your family again and again! I love that you make photos & capturing your family as it grows and changes such a priority! Congrats again on your new perfect addition!

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Eileen + Taylor : Engaged

This year has been a wet one! And there have been many cancelled…rescheduled…cancelled again…rescheduled again sessions! I don’t think I’ve had a single session not in threat of cancelling due to weather conditions yet this year! But thankfully I have the BEST clients..they are up for anything and willing to brave the bad weather.

This session was no different. We met up and promptly 10 seconds later were in the middle of a downpour.  But we waited it out and man oh man am I glad we did because once the storm clouds cleared we ended up with the most incredible glowy light!!! There was a lot of squealing on my part about the light during this session…you’ll see:)

Meet Eileen + Taylor!

They are super cute!

They love to have fun, cuddle and laugh! I love couples that laugh and play with each other…makes my job WAY easy:)

Eileen and Taylor wanted to go to a cute coffee/gelato shop that they used to go to all the time when they were dating. This couple loves coffee so it was a perfect idea!

We were just wandering through St. Louis looking for fun spots to shoot, when we rounded the corner and found a great location with little glimpses of sunlight

While we were there we ran into a delivery driver/local resident…he mentioned that the rooftop of the building we were outside of was spectacular and asked if we wanted to go up…ummmm yup! We sure do and I about peed my pants when we stepped off the elevator because it was UNREAL! The light…ooooh man that light!!!

Eileen…you are gorgeous! I love this image…and I can’t wait to photograph you in a wedding dress!!

And I’ll end with my favorite shot of the day!

I just can’t get enough of these!

Eileen & Taylor, thanks for being up for anything…waiting out the rainstorm…and being a great couple to work with! I had so much fun and can’t wait until your wedding day:)I’m hoping for no rain on that one…but maybe the same light will show up!

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