Natalie + Brett : Married

Today I have a very special wedding to share! Natalie & Brett are high school (maybe even grade school?) sweethearts and so totally in love! This lovely wedding was the rain-iest wedding EVER! But Natalie & Brett (and the rest of their awesome bridal party!) were so laid-back and easy going about the constant torrential downpours we had for 99% of the day…and I think we got some really great shots!

The getting ready part of the day is one of my favorite times as a photographer. I get to be a fly on the wall and feed off the excitement of the bride & her ladies!

I LOVE the look on Mom’s face in this next one!

The next photo might just be one of my most favorite getting ready shots ever!!!

Then it was time to get married!!

You guys did it! Love the excitement:)

Next it was off to brave the rain for some photos of the super fun bridal party…first up…the handsome men!

then the lovely ladies!

And then a few fun shots of the whole group! I love how much fun they had!

Then I stole the new Mr. & Mrs. away to get some photos of the newlyweds!

Then it was time to head off to the reception!

Now there isn’t much that I love more at a wedding then the first dances…and well these two, these two are so completely in love with each other and also so amazing with their families that it’s safe to say that I cried through all the first dances! So special!

Natalie and her Dad were so cute…laughing through their whole dance!

And Brett and his Mom…they really had me in tears. You can just tell how much Brett loves his Mom in these.

And then Natalie and her Mom did a special monther-daughter dance…I LOVED that idea!

Natalie + Brett,  Thank you again for letting me capture your special day! I love the way you two love each other and despite the crazy rainy weather, your wedding day really was perfect! It showed how happy and in love you two are.  I wish you many, many years of happiness together!

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Mae Rose : Mini Session

Time for another sweet 3 year old to hit the blog! I have been lucky enough to photograph Miss Mae 4 times now & each time she is sweeter then that last! She has such a fun, silly but slightly shy personality. But she always smiles for me! Such a sweet heart!

We met up to do a quick mini session about a month ago & we got some great shots! We’ll start with my favorite!

Oh the cuteness! I just can’t take it! Happy belated 3rd Birthday Miss Mae! Thanks for being such a great model. And to John and Christine…thank you for letting me capture another milestone in Mae’s life. I look forward to our sessions each time and can’t wait to see how much she’s grown!:)

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Happy 3rd Birthday Myleigh

So I’m about 2 months (and a little) behind in this post. But I one of my most favorite little girls turned the big 3 this year! And while we couldn’t make it to her real party, we were able to stop by the next day for presents & more cake! Not that this sweet toothed little girl minded an extra cake one bit!

Dear Myleigh,

Happy Birthday sweet girl! I can’t believe that you’re already 3. Where has the time gone?


You are such a funny, sweet, fun-loving girl and we love hanging out with you. You crack us up every time we see you and we often find ourselves telling “Myleigh stories” for weeks after our visits. Our favorites include checking inside every plastic Easter egg…”NO CHICKEN”, how much you love animals (even the plastic Halloween rat you found), hopping around and squawking like a parrot, how much you love to play princesses (and how you couldn’t pronounce Pocahontas quite right…we preferred calling her Poca-pomas too!). We love playing Guess Who with you (even if you don’t always answer our questions quite right) and we’re always up for another game of Memory or Candy Land! We love laughing with you funny girl!


You are so fiercely independent but such a lover too. And my goodness are you the smartest 3 year old we’ve ever met! And we’re not just saying that because we’re biased…we really think you’re genius material. You’ve been counting in multiple languages, recognizing numbers & letters, mixing colors, and so many other things for the whole year! We’re always surprised by just how much you truly know!


We can’t wait to see you again soon & watch you keep growing. Every time we see you, you’ve learned a new game, trick, or funny story! We hope you always follow your dreams and wherever your heart leads you. Keep laughing, loving & eating chocolate!


Lots of love,
Aunt Kate & Uncle Joel

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Lindsey + Jerod + 1 : Maternity

I met up with Lindsey and Jerod a few weeks ago to document Lindsey’s growing belly! They were the sweetest couple ever and are expecting their first baby this month! We started at a local park with a super pretty barn and then went back to their house for a few shots in baby’s nursery. I love photographing people in their houses, it’s so much more special then a studio space or even a great outdoor location. It’s so meaningful & special! Plus I love the challenge of new spaces:)



Seriously…you two are the cutest ever!







I’ll end with one of my favorites from the shoot!


I love the way you two love each other & I can’t wait to meet that sweet baby girl soon and watch your family grow!

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Brandon + Ashley : Engaged

What’s a girl to do when a vacation in key west with 3 other couples starts off with a surprise proposal…be thankful I packed my camera:)

We did a super short, impromptu photo shoot because there is nothing better then a freshly engaged couple + Florida sun!




Congrats you two! Thanks for making vacation a memorable one & I can’t WAIT until your wedding day!!


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