March & April In Instagram

It’s almost the end of May?! Is this year going fast for anyone else or just me! Well let’s step back a bit to review March and April Instagram style


We had lots of doctor’s appointments…because we announced our baby news this month!…baby Newman got her first books…family visit in Bloomington with a few good games of go fish!…Easter visit wasn’t complete without passing on the joy of classic Nintendo!…stupid crazy weather this month (one day lunch on the deck, next morning crazy snow storm)…we found turnips on our property…got our baseball tickets for the season!


Baby Allie was born & we got to meet her in the hospital when she was still tiny and squishy!…Chicago trip + Phil and Lauren’s engagement session…Myleigh’s 3rd Birthday…Coffee date with new photography friends…Key West trip with some much needed relaxation!!

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Lauren + Phil : Engaged

Phil, Lauren and I all met one summer working at a camp in Rhode Island…and well, to say it was a life-changing summer job would be an understatement! It was one of the most fun times in my life! I met the most AMAZING people and got to do a bit of traveling/sight-seeing along the way. And fast-forward almost 7 years…and Phil and Lauren are getting married!!! How has it already been that long!

I was in Chicago for Lauren’s bridal shower and was able to snap a few engagement photos for the happy couple. It was a bit cold…ok REALLY freaking cold! And windy…but Phil and Lauren did an awesome job:)

They wanted to get a few quintessential “Chicago” images


If these don’t say Chicago…then I don’t know what does!


How cute are they!



Love this next one!


Then a quick change of clothes and locations. Phil and Lauren found this fun structure one day while exploring the city and immediately thought of photos here…location choice approved! I LOVE it!



I said to them…”any chance you both can climb into one of those honeycomb things?” Without hesitation they jumped in…thanks for being up for anything friends!


Lauren, you are so super pretty!





Seriously so excited for the two of you! Thanks for being so fun & excited for photos despite the chilly weather! I love when couples are up for anything, acting silly and are totally in love with each other…makes my job EASY:)Love you both & can’t wait for June!!

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Sweet Baby Allie

There is nothing as sweet as a newborn baby! I love newborn sessions…maybe because I get to spend some time cuddling with a new baby!
Baby Allie was a precious as they come! And was the sleepiest newborn I’ve ever encountered. After the first 10 minutes of fussing…she was out for the rest of the session! Thanks for making my job a breeze sweet girl!



Just look how much she’s loved already!




This last photo might just be my favorite from the day! I love seeing new Dad’s fall in love with their little girls:)And I love seeing their tiny little bodies curled up in Dad’s hands!


Brandon & Danielle – Thanks for letting me capture Allie’s first photos. I can’t wait to watch her grow as a part of your family!

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A month and a half ago I took an online class through Creative Live about shooting video with my digital camera…I. Was. Fascinated. I love it. There was a challenge presented during the class to start shooting a little bit of video everyday. To take a clip of something you find beautiful or of something you are grateful for and at the end of the month put it together in a little montage.

Now, I didn’t get to video every day, and I’m certain I will look back at this in a few months and find all my mistakes. Heck, I see them now! But I did put together a very rough first video of things that I am grateful for right now. The little things & the big ones. And I wanted to share it with you!

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Jan/Feb In Instagram

Phew! Is it really March? How did that happen! Last thing I knew I had my feet kicked up with a glass of eggnog opening Christmas gifts! Sorry I missed January’s review all together but I figured I’d just combine Jan & Feb to play a little catchup.

January in review…Instagram style…

Italia album was delivered!!!!…we hosted a way fun New Year’s Eve Party…game night with friends…invitations for a baby shower were crafted and mailed (I Looooove real mail!)…working on a fun new house project…discovered the antique door mecca….hungry hungry hippo marathon…a fun trip home to see my most favorite people


80′s band & a whoooooole lotta dancing…getting ready for date night with the hubs…building baby shower centerpieces…dinner club Polaroids (you should have seen the look on the waiters face when we asked him to take a photo and then handed him a vintage Polaroid camera!)…fireman’s banquet & bowling party…visits to the property to check out the wildlife

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