2012 Favorites!

The end of the year…or the beginning of the next, whichever way you want to frame it, is my favorite time of year. Sure I LOVE the holidays so that naturally helps. But even removing my abnormal love-of-all-twinkle-lights gene, I love this time of year for the reflection. I like being able to review what has happened & plan, dream and wish for what’s coming next.

So naturally at the end of every year I like to go back through my photos and pick out my favorites.
It was harder then ever this time around! I got to photograph some amazing families, fun kiddos, lovey-dovey couples, amazing seniors, beautiful weddings, and a few hot ladies! This is the best. job. ever.

So let me start by apologizing for the length of this post…but I couldn’t narrow it down any more! This was hard enough:)

This spring was a lot of fun. Wedding in Jamaica…reception back here…family photos for my favorite family (It’s my actual family…so I’m probably allowed to say that right?)

Let’s start in Jamaica…..ummm can we go back? Like soon please?


Then back home for more portraits and a little party time!

I made a trip back home and was able to take a few family photos for my brother and sister-in-law…these photos were long overdue. Besides the occasional snapshot or quick photo at Christmas, I have never taken real family photos for them. Kelli, let’s pick a date for next spring! I’m not waiting 5 more years until the next one!

Another family session for a super sweet family!

I just love the photos of them reading as a family. Besides the fact that we were sitting in a beautiful field and not in their living room, I imagine this is exactly what they are like as a family at home! I think everyone needs a photo with their kids that captures that.

Also during a trip to my hometown I got to photograph one of my fellow former Streatorettes baby bumps. Oh how far we’ve come since the days of sequined dresses & kick lines! Sadie you were seriously glowing!! And I love seeing photos of your sweet little girl pop up on my facebook feed. She looks just like her Mama!

As the summer started to heat up (and boy did it ever!!) I got to shoot a GORGEOUS high school senior! I just love these photos!

And while we’re on the topic of hot Summer days…let’s not forget Kara & Joe’s engagement session. Despite starting at 6:30 in the morning it was already approximately 1 million degrees that day! But they rocked it out like pros while I was sweating through my tank top!

We did a session in honor of this baby boy’s first Birthday and got to take a few precious family photos at the same time!

On to another amazing family! I had so much fun chasing these kiddos around all morning…I think we were really able to capture this family’s personality!

The weather finally started to cool off (can I get an Amen!) and I had a whole slew of sessions to capture the pretty Fall weather. Starting off with these love birds. This engagement session was amazing! I can.not.wait. to photograph this couple again soon for their wedding! Natalie…you’re going to be a stunner!

Follow that up with a really fun Senior photo session. Sydney had me laughing like no one else! She’s silly, fun and really sweet. And the location we picked for her senior photos captured that perfectly…oh and who can forget the most perfect car her parents managed to find!!

I got to meet up with another family that hadn’t had their photos taken in quite awhile and thought it was time for an update. I agree!

And I had a quick mini session with Miss Mae to capture her sweet spirit and pretty fall props!

I had another super amazing engagement session. We were able to shoot in the prime of the great Fall color and also in the spot where he proposed! How sweet is that!

And we capped of the year with Kara & Joe’s wedding….the crazy heat we managed to survive for their engagement session was nowhere to be found on their chilly wedding day. What a beautiful wedding it was. I loved every minute of their day!

And finally last, but certainly not least, 2012 was also the year I started to branch out into a new style of photography. In fact, I haven’t shown any of it on the blog just yet. Partially because some of this was done as gifts and some of it I’m just finishing so I haven’t posted yet. I started to shoot boudoir-style photography…or in other words, photographs of beautiful women showing off their fun-nature, their bodies and their sexier side. I really LOVE these shoots and can’t wait to show more. I decided to only show images where their faces weren’t shown (ya know for privacy reasons and all that) but man oh man the photos with their faces are 10,000 times better…They are amazing, gorgeous women and I can’t wait to show you more from their sessions…but until then, here’s a sneak peak into my boudoir sessions.

2012 was one amazing year…but I can’t wait to see how 2013 is going to unfold.
A big, big THANK YOU to all of my clients who allowed me to come into their lives for a few hours and try to capture their personalities for a lifetime. I’m so honored that you picked me to document your families legacy and wish each of you a very special 2013.

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2012 in Instagram

I finally jumped on the instagram wagon half-way through this year and I gotta say…what the heck took me so long!! It’s such a fun easy way to document life! Little snippets…little squares of life. Loving it! I put together a little collage of our 2012 adventures.

I’m thinking I’m going to start posting my favorite instagrams here monthly as a way to watch life unfold. Feel free to follow along on instagram…You can find me at katenphoto.


What a crazy year filled with weddings (ours, friends, clients), travel adventures (Jamaica, Italy, Family Vacation to the Dells, Alabama, Nashville), finding new fun things in STL (parks, plays, dinner club spots), new property, new Jeep (!), amazing photography adventures & the best workshop known to the business, game nights with friends & a whole lotta love.

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2013 Word of the Year

Resolutions….Schmesolutions….they just aren’t my style! I am the first to forget about them, move on to something new, often before the first page of the calendar turns. Hell, a whole month seems generous. I’d venture to guess I haven’t stuck with a resolution for longer then a few weeks! More power to those who can maintain something like that, it just doesn’t work for me.

However, a few years ago I ran across a blog talking about selecting a word for the year. I was intrigued. I gave it a shot. I picked a word that I thought would have an impact on my life and kept little reminders about it around so I’d remember. Notes taped to the bathroom mirror, random alerts set in my phone, doodled on pages in my calendar, taped above my desk. And it worked. It worked so well I was shocked! Plus I thought it was kind of fun…so I picked a word for the next year….same thing!

It’s funny how when I reflect back on these years in my life the word which I selected at the start of every January really does a great job summarizing the last 365 days.

In 2011, living in my little southern apartment, half-way through my residency year, I picked the word dream.
and did I ever!

2011 was the year I really dreamt of photography being a career.
It was the year I dreamt about what my future would hold.
It was the year I got engaged and started to dream about our wedding. Our future together.

2011 was quite a year.

Then in 2012 I picked my next word: grow.

I grew as a person.
Grew in my career – promoting to a higher position.
Got married…grew ourselves into a family of 2.
I grew in my photography.

Another amazing year.

So for 2013 I felt the pressure to really choose wisely. Pick a word that would help me stretch. Pick something that I could use as a compass to help me make decisions. Help me get to where I wanted to go.

It was hard.

I thought of lots of words…would say them out loud. See how they felt on my tongue. But nothing seemed quite right. I want to strengthen myself. I want to build stronger relationships with the people I love. I want to complain less. Focus more. Be happy. I wanted to stop thinking about the things I want to do and just go DO them. I want to simplify. Slow down. Smell the roses. Be home more. Work smarter and advance in my business goals but still grow my marriage. Balance it all. Take time to reevaluate. Take action.

What word sums all that up. Heck if I knew. Even the thesaurus was no use!

Finally the word came to me. It felt right. I tested it out for a few days and I just knew deep down that it was right.

2013′s word:


I want to focus on the why in my life…my purpose.

Happy New Year Friends!

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Kara + Joe :: Married!

Oh how I love a wedding day! This one was no exception. Kara and Joe are two of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. Their wedding was beautiful and I love how much they love each other! I have a few favorites in this group…couldn’t seem to pick just one!


I love images of brides getting into their dresses….there is always so much anticipation, nerves and Moms, Sisters, and Bridesmaids fussing over the bride! It’s one of my favorites times of the entire wedding day!




Time to get married!!
I love how HAPPY Kara is walking down the aisle to her groom:)







This was a super fun bridal party! We laughed a lot! The groomsmen even came up with their own posing tricks…thanks guys!:)



How gorgeous are these girls!?




Kara….you are beautiful! I just LOVE this one of you:)




Ready for some amazing flowers!! Kara’s Mom is a super talents florist so I was really excited to see what she’d come up with!



First Favorite of the post & one of our last portraits before the reception started…Have I mentioned how much I love how this couple loves each other!


Time for the party…and man was it a fun one!



I’ll end with my other favorite!


Kara and Joe…thank you for letting me capture your big day. It was an honor to be a part of it and I wish you many many many years of happiness!

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Miss Mae

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing this adorable little lady 3 times now…each time I am reminded what a sweet little girl she is! We met up a few weeks back…juuuust as the leaves were changing to take a few photos of Mae.


She had the CUTEST boots ever…I keep saying that I want a pair in my size:)



I just can’t get over how big she is!



It seems like just yesterday we took these next few photos… but really it was just a year ago! What a difference a year makes!!


Christine, Thanks for letting me photograph Mae…she is not only super cute but a really sweet little girl! I love watching her grow and change each year!

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