The Klostermann Family

Meet the Klostermann Family.  They are happy, fun-loving, full-of-love & some of our favorite people!

We met up a couple weeks ago to take some family photos. We laughed…a lot! We played…we tickled…we teased…it was fun!

And then Ava said…”Hey guys…are you listening?…let’s go down to that big tunnel!”

So we did!

Then Gavin decided he was a bear.  We were instructed to call him “bear” for the rest of the session! That picture on the right is his bear roar!  And the one on the left is one of my favorites…He’s looking like a little J. Crew model!

And this was one of the very last images of the day and also my favorite!

Tom & Kirby…you’re family is beautiful and I hope I captured it exactly as you are right now. Fun and full of life and love! I am so happy we were able to get together and finally get some family pictures taken! I hope you love them like I do! Thanks for letting me spend the morning with your family & thanks for being amazing friends too!

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Feeling the Love

As I was editting images from a recent family session I couldn’t help notice the similarity in these images taken about 9 months apart…These may be some of my favorite family images ever. I love how you can see the love in this family…you can feel the love through the photograph. That’s one lucky little boy!

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Highland Class of 2013 Senior :: Christa

Meet Christa! She’s gorgeous & super sweet! We met up in the height of this crazy summer heat to take some Senior photos to celebrate Christa’s last year of high school. She rocked this session! And despite me almost passing out in the middle of a downtown parking garage…we had a blast!  I love love LOVE photographing high school seniors…it’s such a fun time in life. There is so much promise, excitement and anticipation! I LOVE it!

 I can’t even begin to pick a favorite from this session!! I’m loving them all!

Christa, I hope your senior year is amazing & a whole lot of fun! Can’t wait to see where you go next! Thanks for being my model for a day!

Any seniors out there still needing some fun senior photos…email me today at or click the contact link on the upper right hand corner of this page for more information or to set up your photo shoot!

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Sadie’s Perfect Bump

It’s no secret that I love babies. They are so squish-able and love-able and tiny.  Taking picture of brand-spanking-new babies is the best.  They grow and change so fast you don’t want to miss a thing…but on the other side of the story, I love taking maternity photos.  When I look at a pregnant woman I see how gorgeous they are, how strong they are and how awesome it is that there is a teeny-tiny life growing inside them.  I know most pregnant women don’t see themselves this way, but I think every pregnant woman should have her picture taken.  It doesn’t have to be a big elaborate production, even just a quick snap shot, but something because imagine how great it would be to have pictures of your Mom when she was pregnant with you. To see how much love she had for you even before she held you in her arms for the first time…sigh…I just love capturing these fleeting moments!

I met up with an old high school friend a few weeks back to take some pictures of her gorgeous self and her new perfect little bump!  Sadie and I danced together to high school. We spent MANY hours practicing, riding buses, and dancing together but I haven’t seen her since graduation.  It was awesome to see her and be able to catch up again. She is so super pretty & looks great with her little bump.  She’s always been sweet and caring and brilliantly smart…I know she’s going to be one amazing Mom!

At the beginning of the session Sadie told me that she couldn’t do a “serious” face. And while we definitely laughed a lot during her session…I think she lied to me…this next photo is not just proof of that, but is also one of my favorites…LOVE pretty, glowy, morning light!

Boom…see Sadie, you CAN do a serious face:)

Yup, we were hanging out in an alley.  It was so pretty though. Old brick + ivy growing everywhere = LOVE!

This next photo is another of my favorites! Loving the B&W!


Ok I promise that this is my last favorite for this post. I just love how happy she is!

Sadie – I loved catching up & I hope you love the photos…I know that I do! I can’t wait to see if it’s a boy or girl!! I think it’s a girl…but I’m almost ALWAYS wrong so it’s probably definitely a boy! Either way I know he or she will be so loved! Can’t wait to see you become a mama.  And next time I want to meet that husband of yours, he sounds like a great guy! Let’s not wait another 8 (!!) years to catch up:)

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Taylor Family

A few weeks back I met up with the Taylor family at Silver Lake Park in Highland to take some sweet, lovely family photos!  Mae Rose just turned 2…what a perfect time to update the ol’ family portrait!  I really love these images & I hope you do too.

Favorite photo 1 of 2 for this session….this little girl LOVES her some Sesame Street.  Her recent 2nd Birthday Party even had a Sesame Street theme.  Just look at that face! How excited is she!! LOVE it!!

These next few photos are my idea of perfect family photos.  They totally represent how much love there is in this sweet family & I LOVE that!

We pulled out some of Mae’s favorite books and had a little down time reading with Mom and Dad.  Mae, I’m with you, The Hungry Little Caterpillar & Brown Bear, Brown Bear are my favorites too!


This is my other FAVORITE photo from the session. That’s one adorable, happy little girl!

 To the Taylor Family,

Thank you for spending an afternoon hanging out in the park with me!  I know I sometimes ask clients to do silly things…but I think the results are awesome! I hope you love these photos as much as I do & I hope you think I captured a tiny sliver of your everyday, love-filled family life!  So glad Mae will be able to look at these some day down the road and see just how much she is loved. You guys are awesome!

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