Danielle + Brandon: Married In Jamaica

Let’s start things right over here at the new, shiny blog, let’s start with an incredibly beautiful wedding, shall we?  Good.  I thought so too!

Danielle and Brandon decided to get married in Jamaica.  I think this was a brilliant idea.  Just having been through our own wedding I know juuuuust how stressful all those last minute planning details can be.  So to eliminate some of those last minute stresses… or at the very least stress out while lounging on a perfectly white sandy beach with a tropical drink in your hand sounds like a great idea!

An even better idea is bringing me along to snap some photos:)

Fair warning…MANY photos to come. I just couldn’t narrow it down anymore and I decided since it was my blog, I could post as many as I wanted!

Seriously…getting married on a beach = really good idea! The weather was perfect, it was beautiful, and every time you asked someone to help you with something the locals responded with “No Problem”!

Annnnd you might end up with wedding lizards. Ha! Ok so we seriously didn’t see a single lizard the entire week…except the day of their wedding. And it was just this cute little guy. We figured wedding lizards were probably a sign of good luck!

You just don’t get views like this in the Midwest!

The next photo is one of my favorites from the ceremony.  Colin (the handsome little man holding the boquet) is Danielle’s son and the look on his face is perfect! He walked his Mom down the aisle…which was perfection & look how happy he is about his Mom getting married.  LOVE this!

Fair warning…I might use the phrase “favorite” a lot during this post!

Like this next photo…FAVORITE!

Seriously…their wedding was perfection! I loved every minute of it. Well except the packing my things back up and heading back home part.  That part I didn’t love quite as much. But we did get to celebrate again a few weeks later during their reception!  I also convinced them to do another series of portraits and boy oh boy am I glad I did! We got some INCREDIBLE images that I think really captured just how much they love each other!!!

First things first….off to the salon to get beautified!


How do you not look at that picture and just smile. They are so happy and totally in love and it shows!

LOVE this one!!

Can’t you just feel the love. Seriously. I am grinning ear to ear looking at these!

Brandon had surprised Danielle with a second band when they got back from Jamaica…so of course we had to do a second series of ring shots to capture the new bling!  GORGEOUS!!

Just look at how he looks at her. No one else matters. You can see it all in his eyes. I LOVE this!

This next one is a serious contender for Favorite!

Just look at this INCREDIBLE light we ran into as we were heading back to the reception. Soooooo pretty! I was loving it. I think I did a little jig. Yelled something along the lines of “OMG. DO NOT MOVE. The light is AMAZEING” Followed by some sweet dance moves, a fist pump, and at least 47 groans of excitement.  Luckily this couple is fun-loving and didn’t mind my crazy outburst one tiny bit…good thing. Cause this light WAS amazing!

How cute is this next photo?!

Ok…we have another Favorite contender!  Danielle…you are STUNNING!!

This was the very last portrait I took…we followed it by eating AMAZING food and showing off our pretty sweet dance moves! I had a blast!!

Danielle + Brandon – Thank you SO SO much for letting me be a part of your special day(s). Your wedding was amazing and I feel so honored to have been a part of it.  You two made my job so easy – thanks for being fun, laid-back, and totally in love! I know you two have many, many years of happiness in store!  Congrats again!

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The Very First Page

It’s just like the first page of a brand-new notebook.

You don’t want to mess it up, so you just skip it all together. I’ve always been that way.  Every first day of school, each class with my brand-new notebook.  I never wrote on the first page. I always pretended I’d come back to it some day when I had a REALLY good idea. Something that is deserving of that very first page.  But who am I kidding? That page stays blank forever. Eventually getting creased and tattered and torn from all the wear and tear…sometimes it even gets ripped out on accident.

Well this is the first page.  The first page of my brand-new, shiny blog-site.  The first page of my new business name.  I ditched the old one and moved on to this now that I got married and my name changed to something a little easier to remember/pronounce/spell.  I hope you’ll spend a little time here.  Follow along. Look at some photos. Read some stories. And leave me some love!

It’s the very first page of what I hope will become a very long story.

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